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Slyway Design Competition
Did you have an idea? Enter the competition and win the chance to make your project. Slyway Design Competition is a place where you can make astonishing new discoveries. Everyone can submit a project. There is no experts jury. You can see and vote the projects online. The winning project will be evaluated by Slyway, that will build a prototype prior to series production.
Registration deadline: April 30, 2008.
Terms of Partecipation
Everyone can compete in the Slyway Design Competition. Entries should reflect a particular level of innovation and design quality and should not be on the market yet. There is no limit to the number of entries per contestant.
Entries submitted must not violate the patent and protective rights of other parties. Slyway Projects assume no liability.
Every project submitted is in competition with each other, regardless of category.
Entries admitted should belong this categories:
Road bikes
Fitness bikes
Mountain bikes
Trekking bikes
City bikes
Recumbent bikes and trikes
Folding bikes
To enter the competition, complete the registration form with your name, your email address, the project title and description. Please, submit your project in jpg, or pdf format.
Please, submit one registration form per submitted item.
Slyway Projects assume no liability for any incorrect or false information supplied.
Registrations are open now. Registration deadline: April 30, 2008.
Public Jury
Slyway Design Competition have no experts jury. Everyone can see and vote the projects online. The public jury will decide by a simple majority. Every visitor can express one vote for each session.
Judging session
The competition takes place in two sessions:
Elimintation session open on May 1, 2008 and end on June 30, 2008.
The three winners of the first session enter into final session.
Finals open on July 1, 2008 and end on August 31, 2008.
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Terms of Partecipation
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