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Stefano Bonazzoli
General Manager
Giuseppe Amati
Web Master
Riccardo Bisol
Frame maker
Prototipe development
Efrem Bertolo
Bent Gear bike wear

Our Mission
Each day is guided by our steady and intense passion, a powerful attitude toward innovation, design and quality. We deserve our full allegiance, commitment, enthusiasm and attention to our clients' real needs. That's how we create bikes which mark history, bikes like Speedmaster and Jungle, or the latest models Enjoy, Explorer and Ultrateam. Not only bicycles, but the true mirrored image of a vocation that lead us to the constant longing for excellence.
Worldwide, we are all driven by the same need, that is make our life happy and meaningful. We want to build with you a passionate, long-lasting and enthralling relationship, based on respect and attentive listening of the actual needs of everyone who is riding his bike to commute to work, to keep fit, to make long journeys or just a weekend riding. With our bicycles, we want to help you traveling. Make you exploring other cultures and trying mystery and fascination of distant places. Let you discover how sport and a regular fitness practice may improve the quality of your life.
Patrizio Paoletti Foundation for Evolution and Communication
The Slyway project started in 2003, inside Patrizio Paoletti Foundation for Evolution and Communication
Patrizio Paoletti is working since years to improve quality of life and human relations. The results of such research are spread through pedagogic programs, social projects, training courses, information campaigns, institutional guidance, which action is constantly aimed to the diffusion of the concept of mankind improvement, along with the community where men live. The message Patrizio Paoletti Foundation wants to promote through the Slyway project is that bikes are the most ecologic vehicles, a sustainable mean of transport for both man and environment. .
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